One day in LRH Peshawar


Another Sad Morning. Attention All Provincial and Political Leaders at federal level or the so called representatives of the people. Today at 6 P.m I was with my friend in KTH Emergency. This poor Boy on the stretcher was brought from District Dir yesterday with a severe problem in Kidneys. First he was taken to HMC but machines were out of order there. Then he referred and shifted to KTH last night. In the morning they came to know that Dialysis machines are also not working here and THE BOY EXPIRED IN THE MEAN TIME AFTER WAITING FOR 24 LONG HOURS in pain.
Politicians are busy in inaugurating Flyovers and metro buses while putting the lives of their masses at risk.
I am requesting Chief Minister that the amount allocated for Phase 3 flyover should be re allocated to buy kidney machines for these hospitals on priority basis.
The boy on the floor is his younger brother and in difficult situation. Private ambulance owners are trying hard to get maximum out of his pocket while he has not enough money to pay.




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