Pakistani Film industry in the past


Old Pakistan Pictures (88)

A still from 1977’s film ‘Aaina’ (Mirror). The Pakistan film industry enjoyed a creative and commercial peak in the 1970s. This was best highlighted by Aaina that ran for a record 400 weeks in the cinemas.

Old Pakistan Pictures (93)

The poster of the Punjabi film, Maula Jat (1980). The film was one of the first in Pakistan to introduce overt graphic violence. It was a huge hit but failed to stop the decline of the country’s film industry.

Old Pakistan Pictures (95)

Shahnaz Sheikh and Javed Shiekh in the hugely popular PTV rom-com, Ankahi (1982).

Old Pakistan Pictures (126)

A still from one of the most famous one-off plays on Pakistan television, ‘Quratul Ain’ (1975).

Old Pakistan Pictures (127)

Poster and still from 1975’s Pakistani film, ‘Dulhan Aik Raat Ki’ (A Bride for One Night).

Old Pakistan Pictures (152)

1974 photo showing famous Karachi pop band the In-Crowed performing at the Playboy nightclub on Karachi’s Club Road. The club was closed down in 1977.

Old Pakistan Pictures (249)

A young 8-year-old Shahrukh Khan (current Bollywood star) visited Pakistan with his family (as a tourist) in 1973. Here he is seen during his family’s visit to Swat. –Picture courtesy Luqman Ghauri.

Old Pakistan Pictures (250)

Cover of a live album by popular Indian ghazal duo, Jagjit and Chitra. The album was recording during one of the many live concerts the duo played during their tour of Pakistan in 1978

Old Pakistan Pictures (261)

Hippie invasion: Cover of the soundtrack album (LP) of 1974 box-office hit, Miss Hippie. The film depicted the ‘effect hippie lifestyle and fashion were having on Pakistani youth.’ (sic)

Old Pakistan Pictures (284)

A 1973 press ad for Karachi’s famous Oasis Club. (Taken from DAWN, February 1973).

Old Pakistan Pictures (286)

DVD cover of Aina. Based on the film’s original 1977 poster.


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