You never knew these people visited Pakistan


Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (7)

Future US President, Barak Obama with a Pakistani friend in Karachi in 1982.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (8)


The Queen of England and Ayub Khan are driven through Karachi’s Saddar area during the Queen’s first visit to Pakistan in 1961Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (9)

Bhutto along with various Muslim heads of states praying at Lahore’s Badshahi Mosque in Lahore during the 1974 International Islamic Conference.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (10)

Zia receives the Pope at the Karachi Airport (1981).


Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (11)

The Queen of England (Elizabeth II) meeting a welcoming committee during her visit to Karachi in 1961. She also toured many parts of the city with the then ruler of Pakistan, Field Martial Ayub Khan in an open-top limousine.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (12)

1974: Emir of Kuwait Jabar Al Saha Al Ahmed and King Fasail of Saudi Arab and Col Qaddafi with Leaders of the Islamic world praying at the Badshahi Mosque Lahore.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (13)

A rare Copy of the holy #Quran Being Presented to President Ayub khan of Pakistan by the Grand Mufti of Central asian republics.
The copy of Quran is said to be written during the era of Hazrat Usman-e-Ghaniرضی اللہ .

This historic event happened when on 17 April 1968,Soviet Union Premier Kosygin paid a visit to Pakistan.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (14)

1st February 1961: President General Ayub Khan of Pakistan assists Queen Elizabeth II down the steps to the lawn of his Karachi residence, where she was attending a State Banquet in her honour with Prince Philip, as part of their 16 day tour of Pakistan

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (15)

Famous American film actor and star, Robert Di Nero (left) during a pleasure trip in Chitral, north Pakistan.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (16)

An all-girl Iranian pop band that toured Pakistan, with famous Iranian singer Madam Gagosh in 1974.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (17)

Legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, arrives at Kinnaird college in Lahore during his 1988 visit to Pakistan.


Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (18)

Che in Karachi: Yes, that’s the great Marxist revolutionary and legend, Che Ernesto Guevara, standing along side Pakistan’s first military dictator, Ayub Khan.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (19)

Astronaut of NASA’s Apollo 17 and his wife wave to fans on their arrival at Lahore Airport.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (20)

The first men on the moon land in Pakistan. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (the first men to land on the moon), arrived in Karachi in early 1970 during their tour of South Asia. Here they are seen being greeted by an enthusiastic crowd just outside the Karachi Airport.

Celebrities  Visiting Pakistan (21)


Famous Hollywood stars Ava Gardner and Stewart Granger arrive at Lahore Airport, 1954. The actors arrived in Lahore with a full filming crew to shoot a major portion of the film ‘Bhowani Junction.


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