15 Pakistani Stars in the past



    15 Pakistani Stars in the pastOld Pakistan Pictures (346)

    Khayam Sarhadi with Bushra Ansari .

    Old Pakistan Pictures (347)

    Drama Serial Aabginey (1978 – 1979)

    Old Pakistan Pictures (348)

    Eid Show.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (356)

    1977 cover of famous Pakistani Urdu magazine, Dhanak. Radical in its aesthetics, the magazine was hugely popular with young men and women. It covered fashion trends, ran film reviews and also had left-leaning articles on politics.

    A number of noted progressive Urdu intellectuals such as Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Munir Niazi, Mumtaz Mufti, etc., wrote regularly for Dhanak.
    It was edited and published by Sarwar Sukhera. In 1979 it became the first publication to be directly clamped down by the reactionary Ziaul Haq dictatorship that took over power through a military coup in July 1977

    Old Pakistan Pictures (358)

    Rahat Kazmi  and Saira kazmi

    Old Pakistan Pictures (359)

    Benazir Bhutto , Nazia Hassan.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (361)

    Some members of the core Fifty-Fifty team with Shoaib Mansoor in 1979.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (364)

    Salman Ahmed, guitarist of Pakistani rock band, Junoon, jams with a tabla player (1995).

    Old Pakistan Pictures (410)

    Zafar Masud as Nosha with a co-star in Karachi centre’s Khuda Ki Basti (1960s)

    Old Pakistan Pictures (412)

    Noor Jehan in PTV Lahore centre’s first episode of her famous music programme Tarannum

    Old Pakistan Pictures (413)

    Musarrat Nazir of Laung Gawacha fame in the show that made her famous for her wedding songs

    Old Pakistan Pictures (426)

    A woman newscaster reading the news on PTV in 1982. It was around this time that the government asked all women newscasters to cover their heads with dupattas

    Old Pakistan Pictures (427)

    Omar Sharif with actress/model, Arzoo, 1978

    Old Pakistan Pictures (445)

    Nazia Hassan’s voice still resonates in the hearts of many around the world.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (452)

    Pakistani Legendary superstar Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in his childhood

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