15 Stunning pictures from Pakistani History


    15 Stunning pictures from Pakistani HistoryOld Pakistan Pictures (110)

    A 21-year-old Benazir Bhutto sitting on the porch of her father Z A. Bhutto’s house in Karachi (1974). Benazir would go on to lead her father’s Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) after he was hanged to death by General Ziaul Haq in April 1979.


    Old Pakistan Pictures (111)

    Famous Pakistani model, Rakhshanda Khattak. She was one of Pakistan’s leading fashion models in the 1970s before quitting and leaving the country in 1979. She died in the United States in 2011.
    (The photo is from 1972).


    Old Pakistan Pictures (114)

    South African fast bowler Fanie DVliers  in Faislabad in 1997 on SA tour of Pak.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (116)

    2 Annas , in 1950.
    1 anna = 4 paisa
    100 paisa = 1 rupee 😀

    Old Pakistan Pictures (119)

    Mr. Jinnah cuts his last birthday cake, 25 December 1947. Karachi. His sister Fatima Jinnah and Mayor Hakim M Ahsan is with him.

    The original Picture is still hanging in P F Periera bakery, Saddar, #Karachi indicating that they manufactured the cake.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (120)

    100-year-old hand crane, where a sign also claimed that it was tested for lifting 508kg weight in 1984. Hand crane is on exhibit at golra station Islamabad, Pakistan.

    The Golra Junction Railway Station, some 1,994 feet above sea level, is located in the southeast of the Margalla Hills and east of the cradle of Ghandara civilization, the ancient city of Taxila in Pakistan. The station was established in 1882.


    Old Pakistan Pictures (122)

    girls common room of Dow Medical College in 1960.


    Old Pakistan Pictures (123)

    In this photo PIA’s famous Air Hostess Momi Gul Durrani is seen in airline’s 1950s cabin crew uniform. Momi was one of PIA’s highly trained, professional and hard working cabin crew members of 1950s and 1960s. She was tall, fair with film-star looks. PIA had featured Momi in its many advertisements and it is said that when she smiled, she made others smile. In short period of time she gained immense popularity and achieved status of a bright star and a legend in PIA’s glorious history. Momi was on duty aboard PIA Boeing 720B jetliner which crashed near Cairo Airport on May 20, 1965. Sadly, 114 people, including Momi, died in this tragic accident.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (124)

    A 1967 tourism poster for Karachi (printed by American airline Pan Am and used in Europe and the US).

    Old Pakistan Pictures (125)

    Two hippie tourists at a tea shop in Sibi, Balochistan, in 1972. .

    Today, traveling to a Baloch town like the one in the picture has become a no-go area even for Pakistanis! (Photo courtesy Rory McLane).

    Old Pakistan Pictures (129)

    Moonwalkers in Karachi, 1973: How many of you know or remember that the entire crew of NASA’s Apollo 17 flight to the moon visited Pakistan? In July 1973, astronauts of the United State’s last mission to the moon arrived in Karachi.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (130)

    Marriot, 1977: This is a 1977 photograph showing Islamabad’s Marriot Hotel (then called Holiday Inn) being constructed. Almost three decades later this famous hotel was blown up by suicide bombers and/or psychotics who were in a hurry to reach the rooms their handlers had booked for them in paradise.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (131)

    A terrific 1975 photograph of a scholarly talk show on PTV. Intellectual talk shows were rather popular on TV in Pakistan in the 1970s. This one shows renowned playwrights, Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia (centre right), talking about ‘socialist plays’ with the host.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (132)

    A 1976 photo of Pakistan’s Nobel Prize winning scientist, Dr. Abdus Salam (right), with a colleague at a summer college held at Pakistan’s scenic Nathiyagali resort.


    Old Pakistan Pictures (135)

    Chairman PIA, Nur Khan, hosts a party of the airline’s staff in late 1960s. Under Khan, PIA rose to become one of the top 10 airlines in the world.


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