Bizarre Villages of Pakistan


    The Village life is considered as the backward as well as less hectic life as compare to urban areas. The rural life in Pakistan seems preety much tough, They live in houses madeup of mud and redbricks. Basically, Pakistan is an Agriculture based country, comprises of 65% of rural areas who plays a significant role in economy of our country through Live stock, finest quality of Dairy products, Vegetables, Fruits and in other grossing products.

           Few Urban people have a negative perception about villages due to Poverty, Poor sanitation, Lack of education. Bjt few villages of Pakistan are much better than the big cities. There are few villages in our country who proved that they are much better than Urban areas.


    1- RASOOL PUR:

    Rasoolpur is a village located in Rajanpur district, Punjab. This village’s population is 2000, the most appreciative fact about the village is that, they possess “100% Literacy rate” and “0 Crime Rate”.

    2- FATU DEDO:

    Fatu dedo lies in Badin district. The glorious part of this village is,  they have their own Underground Sanitation System which was constructed by the funds of the residents of this village, has unpaved, neat and clean streets and there is no sign of litter on a single wall.


    *Well of Basti Tabu where sewage water is disposed off.


    Basti tabu, Sadiqabad. A village comprises of 60 houses, they took responsibility to resolve their issues with justice without involving Government. They also constructed an Underground Sewage system, the dispose off water travel through underground channels then to be sent in an accumulated Well.


    The inhabitants of this amazing village posses double nationality, and they also changing the lifestyles of their residents as well as their fellow villages. They made an effort and Atleast one member of every family holds double nationality i.e the Pakistani and other is the Europeon nationality and they are well settled in different Europeon countries esp. Norway.

          Such type of villages are an inpiration for whole Pakistanis and playing a vital role in picturing the Peaceful and Clean Pakistan to whole world and they made us feel proud of being a Pakistani.

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