Historic images of Pakistan



    Historic images of Pakistan Old Pakistan Pictures (209)

    Ayub Khan with Indian Premier. Notice the Habib Bank sign board in the background.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (210)

    General Ayub Khan being welcomed in USA. Notice the banner in urdu.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (212)

    PIA 1963: The class within .

    Old Pakistan Pictures (213)

    The first ever Boeing 747 delivered to Pakistan which later hosted the most Hajjaj in the history of any country.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (214)

    House full: Pakistani film industry and cinemas began experiencing a creative and financial peak in the late 1960s; a high that would last till about 1979, before starting to patter out in the 1980s and hitting rock bottom a decade later.

    There were a number of reasons for the rapid fall of the industry and the consequential closing down of numerous cinemas.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (215)

    Foreigners traveling through a local bus in 1970’s across NWFP now know Khyber Pakhtunkhwa .

    Old Pakistan Pictures (216)

    1950s: Philanthropist, Social Activist, Humanitarian and Founder #Edhi Foundation #Pakistan – Abdul Sattar Edhi in his Youth.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (217)

    1960s: Murree Christian School.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (218)

    A Rare Childhood Photo of Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan with Parents and Sisters.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (219)

    1947 – Lahore Railway Station!

    Old Pakistan Pictures (222)

    1954: King Hussein of Jordan came for a shoot in Tando Muhammad Khan near Hyderabad in Sindh with Iskander Mirza, Muhammed Ali Bogra, H I Rahimtoola, M A Khuhro, Pir Ali Muhammad Rashdi.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (223)

    Mohammad Alam Channa (1953 – 1998) was the world’s tallest living man at 232.4 cm (7 ft 7 inch) high. During his life he had been billed at various heights of up to 9 ft 6 while working at a circus.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (224)

    Wife of US President, J F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy (right), enjoying a camel ride in Karachi during her visit to the city in 1961.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (225)

    A 1970 American magazine ad for Palizzie Shoes. The caption reads: No Karachi Cobra in my size?’

    Shoes made from real snake skin imported by western countries from Pakistan (especially Sindh) were hugely popular with the Western fashionistas till clothing and shoes made with real animal skins and furs were thankfully banned

    Old Pakistan Pictures (226)

    Pakistani models posing as Punjab’s village womenfolk during an international cultural exchange event in 1969

    Old Pakistan Pictures (227)



    A 1970 photo of famous Pakistani leftist leader and firebrand, Abdul Hamid Bhasani (also known as Maulana Bhashani). Bhashani, a Bengali, was one of the founders of Pakistan’s first large leftist party the National Awami Party (NAP), that he formed with progressive and Marxist Mohajirs, Sindhi nationalist, GM Syed, Baloch nationalist, Gahus B. Bezinjo, and Pushtun nationalist, Bacha Khan.

    Though a devout Muslim, Bhashani was fiercely leftist in his politics and a great supporter of Chinese communism. In 1968 he broke away from NAP’s pro-Soviet leaders, Bezinjo and Wali Khan (who formed NAP-Wali), and formed his own faction, NAP-Bhashani. After the break-up of Pakistan in 1971, Bhashani moved to the newly formed Bangladesh. He died in 1976.


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