Pakistani Politicians – Pictures from the past

    Pakistani politicians (1)

    Current Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, poses with his car as a young man in late 1960s.

    Pakistani politicians (2)

    Nawaz, Altaf and Jam Sadiq at a rally in Karachi in 1991: Sharif vowed to turn Karachi into an economic hub again and for this he chose a former PPP member, Jam Sadiq Ali, as Sindh’s new Chief Minister. Jam had been a member of the PPP till he was ousted by Benazir in 1986. Sharif used his grudge against the PPP to undermine the party’s influence in Sindh. In Karachi, Jam gave a free hand to the MQM. Though MQM used this opportunity to launch a number of developmental projects in the city’s mohajir-majority areas, at the same time it unleashed its activists against Jam’s ‘enemies’ (both real and imagined).
    The Daily Dawn.

    Pakistani politicians (3)

    80s start of political career: An election poster of Nawaz Sharif.

    Pakistani politicians (4)

    Altaf Hussain.  80’s

    Pakistani politicians (5)

    A rare photo of Nawaz Shairf, Nawaz, Sharif, PML N, Pakistan Muslim League, Punjab

    Pakistani politicians (6)

    Sardar Akbar Khan Bughti hugging Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman.

    Pakistani politicians (7)

    MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain, at MQM member, Farooq Sattar’s wedding in Karachi.

    Pakistani politicians (8)

    MQM chief, Altaf Hussain, holding a large rally in Karachi in 1987.

    Pakistani politicians (9)

    A 1974 photo of famous Pakistani cricketer, Imran Khan, in typically flashy and expressive 1970s attire. Equally famous of being an ‘over indulgent playboy,’ Khan became a ‘born-again Muslim’ after he retired from cricket in 1990 and then formed a political party (in 1996).

    Pakistani politicians (10)

    Little Benazir 🙂

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