Images from the Golden time of PTV

    Old Pakistan Pictures (324)

    1980s: A scene from “Aangan Terha” – Late Salim Nasir .

    Old Pakistan Pictures (325)

    Masood Akhtar and Zeb Rehman.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (326)

    Sikandar Shaheen and Zeb Rehman.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (327)

    Mona Sissiqi & Khayyam sarhadi  from drama serial “Dehleez” written by Amjad Islam Amjad and aired in early 80s

    Old Pakistan Pictures (328)

    1980s: PTV Classic Drama Serial “Dhoop Kinarey”

    Old Pakistan Pictures (330)

    1980s: Two legends – Mehdi Hassan and Moin Akhtar.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (331)

    1980s: Ismail Tara and Majid Jahangi – Comedy Show “Fifty Fifty”.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (332)

    1980s: Cast of Comedy Show “Fifty Fifty”

    (L – R) Zeba Shehnaz, Sakhi Kamal, Ashraf Khan, Hasnat Ahmed, Adil Wadia, Ismail Tara, Majid Jehnagir and Composer Arshad Mehmood.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (89)

    A scene from one of PTV’s most popular drama serials, ‘Uncle Urfi.’ (1975)

    Old Pakistan Pictures (92)

    The premier of ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ at Karachi’s Nishat Cinema in 1984.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (105)

    Actress Nisho takes matters into her own hands in 1973’s ‘Samaj

    Old Pakistan Pictures (258)

    VHS cover of Pakistan’s first horror and ‘X-rated’ film, Zinda Laash (The Living Dead). Released in 1967, the film was a huge hit in an era when the Pakistan’s film industry was dishing out an average of 50 films a year, most of them romantic fantasies.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (263)

    A still from one of the most famous one-off plays on Pakistan television, ‘Quratul Ain’ (1975).

    It starred Naveen Tajik (right), a Pakistani Christian, who, along with Roohi Bano and Uzma Gillani, was hailed as one of the finest TV actresses in Pakistan (in the 1970s).

    ‘Quratul Ain’ (scripted by Asfaq Ahmed) tells the story of a young man who wants to join the air force and is in love with a girl (Qurat).

    Passionate about joining the air force, the young man is distraught after he begins to lose his eye sight.

    Qurat tells him she doesn’t care and that they should get married. The young man agrees but then vanishes. Not even his family knows about his whereabouts. Qurat waits for him but is finally coaxed by her father to find another man.

    Many years later she accompanies her husband to a Sufi shrine from where she wants to buy some bangles.

    As the husband goes looking for a bangles shop, Qurat stumbles upon a blind Sufi fakir (vagabond) selling bangles from a sack.

    He has long hair and a beard. He asks for one of her hands so he could put the bangles over her wrist. It’s her lost lover. She does not recognise him.

    But he recognises her the moment he holds her hand. In shock, he lets go of his sack and her hand and vanishes into the crowd. It is left to the audience to figure out whether a surprised Qurat realises who the man was.

    The play was part of PTV’s ‘Aik Muhabbat Soh Afsaney’ series in which Sufi themes were set in modern urban settings.

    Naveen, though hugely successful as a TV actress and fashion model, failed to make a mark in films. She left for the US in the early 1980s.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (267)

    Urdu news being delivered from Pakistan Television’s Karachi Studios (1974)

    Old Pakistan Pictures (276)

    Famous film actress and singer, Noor Jehan, recording a song for Radio Pakistan in 1963

    Old Pakistan Pictures (314)

    1980s: Mahpara Safdar during 9:00 PM news bulletin.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (315)

    1970s: News Casters Zubair Uddin and Nasreen Pervaiz reading 9:00 PM news bulletin at from PTV Karachi Studios.

    Old Pakistan Pictures (316)

    1980s: A scene from “Aangan Terha”

    Old Pakistan Pictures (317)

    1980s: A scene from “Aangan Terha”

    Old Pakistan Pictures (323)

    1980s: A scene from the classic Drama “Aangan Terha”

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