Photographs with amazing meaning


    Photographs with amazing meaningfacebook_photo_download_223843137760616

    “I am an Old man of 73,and i have been around a long time. If i don.t know something by now, I probably never will.”


    ” Pakistan as I see it is full of new emerging talents, a land for different opportunities and ideas. When I think about it the first thing comes to my mind is our youth, especially photographers ! They capture Pakistan so beautifully and represent it at international level, so that world can see that Pakistan is full of passion and… devotion.


    I know a Pakistani who “I know a Pakistani who is full of talent like u can see the old man who have lot of talent but no one knows about it.”


    “We need change up to which time this will happened that our older done we should also do that so we need change.”


    “I know A Pakistani Who Believes in the beauty of his dreams, accomplished by the small steps of continuous Hardwork.”


    Made with Love ! all the way from Pakistan .


    I know a Pakistani who talks to Allah, pray to him and ask everything from his creator to get his closeness.”


    Beauty of Bahawalpur Darbar Mahal Bahawalpur is Historical place. It was built by Nawab Bahawal khan (V) in 1904. This mahal is under army now and not open for public. The bird sculpture in this pic is pelican Bird . This Bird was recognized as the state bird of Bahawalpur.

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