Share of Woman in Islam

    Why is the share given to women in Islam regarding inheritance is half of that given to men?
    Why is the witness of one man considered to be equal to the witness of two women in Islam?
    Why is Islam against the freedom of women?

    Honestly speaking, I’m fed up of such questions! And by the way who raise them?
    Those who are not valued at their own house; no one bothers their opinion, they’re the ones who don’t know how to perform ablution but on facebook they’re the preachers of Islam!!
    ‘’OPPRESSED, INFERIOR, UNEQUAL..’’ These are the first words that come to mind of those stereotypes when thinking about women in Islam. They confuse Islam with cultural practices and fail to recognize that Islam has empowered women with the most progressive rights since the 7th century!

    To all those Morons, please open Quran and ponder on Surah Al Nisaa (verse 11 & 12). It is clearly mentioned that woman’s share of the inherited wealth is half that of a man. Which means brother has two shares while sister one. We all know this but there is more to it. Woman also has a due share in her husband’s property. Ultimately she also has two shares; one from the father’s property and one from the husband’s.

    But the problem lies within our social system!
    There are various cases, like in some situations she got her due share from her father’s side but when it comes to husband he resists!! Why?? At the time of marriage she leaves her parents and siblings; her belongings just for him, here she is obedient; serves him, brought up his kids, take care of his house in his absense, hence she does her maximum effort to run his house in a reasonable fashion but when it comes to her right in her husband’s property instantaneously he turns into a monster.
    Sometimes it’s the parents (father & brother) who seized her due share saying:
    ‘She has bestowed her share to us!’
    Who has authorized you to seize her right when Allah commands you to give??
    It is upto her either she avails it or leaves it, whatever the case might be Islam anyhow gives her her right.
    Sometimes, if before marriage a woman held possession of certain goods, the man of her family would not allow her to marry as she would be entitled to take her goods with her. Instead they would forcefully detain her until she met her death and her goods would then fall as heritage upon them.

    While Quran clearly states in Surah Al Nisaa (verse: 4)
    “And give the women (on marriage) their dower with good heart; but if they of their own good pleasure, remit any part of it to you take it and enjoy it with right good cheer.”

    Ok now let’s move to the second question i.e witness of two women equal to one man. It is true only for social issues such as financial transactions; buying and selling, debts, bussiness dealings, agreements, marriage contract or divorce etc. Save as, the condition of testimony varies.

    There could be many other reasons but the explanation that I have come across is that a woman has a very kind heart, remember your mother, sister or sister-in-law covering your mistakes?? Did your father ever do this for you?? No!! Fathers for the sake of your betterment never neglect your mistakes while 99% of moms do so out of their love and mild nature. Most of the women cannot take strict decisions on serious conditions.. Allah (swt) has created woman with a very soft heart. It is in her nature to forgive and forget.

    Howover, some scholar argues that this command shows that Qur’an does not want to make difficulties for women. While others viewed that it is because this responsibility is not very suited to their temperament, sphere of interest, and usual environment.

    Now comes the last point, Freedom of woman!!
    My dear women right’s activists if you think west has given Freedom to woman than I’m confused you’re stupid or innocent??
    West has treated woman like a tissue paper!
    Nobody has given her the honour and dignity that Allah (swt) has given her.

    – Allah (swt) exemplifies His love with the love of a mother.

    – Her importance as a mother and a wife has been clearly stated by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), “Paradise lies at the feet of your mothers.”

    – Once a person asked the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), “Who deserves the best care from me?” Our Prophet (pbuh) replied, “Your mother.” This, he repeated three times, “Then your father and your nearest relative.”

    – The Holy Prophet (pbuh) also said, “The best among you is the one who is
    best towards his wife.”

    -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared that the pursuit of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim (male and female).

    -Women nursed the wounded during battles, and some even participated on the battlefield.

    -Women traded openly in the marketplace, so much so that the second caliph, Umar (R.A), appointed a woman, Shaffa bint Abdullah, as the supervisor of the market.

    -A woman has the right to accept or reject marriage proposals and her approval is required to complete the marriage contract. She cannot be forced to marry someone against her will and if this occurs for cultural reasons, it is in direct opposition of Islam. By the same principle, women also have the right to seek divorce if they are dissatisfied with their marriage.

    -One of the rites of Hajj is a fast walk between Safa and Marwah, which is observed to remember the event of Hazrat Hajra (A.S), the mother of Prophet Ismail (A.S), who ran between these two hills to find water. This is another proof of the importance given to women in Islam.

    In conclusion, many single professional women have embraced Islam in the past few years because they found their rights were sanctified in Islam.

    These sayings clearly prove the important position given to women in Islam. But there are still jerks blabbering, they’ve misgivings about the status of women in Islam. To these fools, the Muslim woman is seen almost as a prisoner and as someone who has no right and is always living under the domination of man.. These notions are based on ignorance rather than knowledge of Islam.

    Unfortunately we’re living in an environment which constantly emphasizes the physical form through various media; women are constantly faced with an unattainable standard of beauty. Although Muslim women are falsely classified as oppressed based on their modest dress, they are in fact liberated from such objectification by the society around them. This modest appearance, which includes veiling, highlights a woman’s personality and character instead of her physical figure and promotes a deeper appreciation for who she is as a person.

    May Almighty Allah give us all the right understanding, Aameen!

    Read the Original Urdu version of this blog HERE

    Written by : Yasmeen Khan

    Translated by : Sobia Anjum

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