Why Crawl when you’ve got Wings


    Why crawl when u’ve got wings!!

    This proverb fits on an Artist, Optimist, Motivational Speaker and a Star whose Light can never be fade. Living her life bound by a wheelchair but her Spirit is mountain high, very lively personality,  working with so many causes and insipiring others with her audacity and willpower. She’s the only one who dare’s to face the humiliating society along with her affliction, “Ma’am Muniba Mazari”.

    Ma’am Muniba Mazari is a true picture of Courage, Patience and Bravery, she exemplified herself not only for physically disabled persons but  for everyone, and through her motivational speeches she tries  to fill colours in life of unpreviliged people. The thing I’ve learned from her that, Don’t make your adversity or suffering as your weakness, be brave face it and let it be your sign of  strenght not a vulnerability. Through her Social work She’s trying to help the unprevilaged people.

    7 years before while she was doing her Bachelors, she experinced a tragic road accident due to which her Spinal cord injury, She lost her ability to walk. But, She rise like a break of dawn, which is highly commendable.


    I dream my painting, and I paint my dream!

    She believes  to play with vibrant colours, and unlike all artists, she stives to provide the best through her artistic abilities,  Her paintings portrays the heart-out emotions of a woman and the cherry on the top  is that She add’s the ethnic jewellery in her artwork which reflects her native region.  The medium of her work is “Oil pastels”.
    She’s running her brand “Muniba’s Canvas” with the slogan “Let your walls wear colour”. The tag-line of her brand is “NEVER GIVE UP!”

    It’s pretty much harder to express your emotions and lively frame of mind while being handicapped but, She proved herself in the field of artistry that an Art is not wheel chair bound its a free spirit.

    In the end, I just want to wish her Best of Luck and Stay Blessed! You’ re true symbol of Bravery and an Inspiration for all.


    Everyone said don’t do it because it has never been done before. I said ‘I will be the one to do it all for the first time!’ so I did. Be the barrier breaker, be the one who doesn’t need a path to follow, be your own hero, be yourself’.

    -Muniba Mazari

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